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Ford Ranger T7/T8 side grill inserts LEDs

Ford Ranger T7/T8 side grill inserts LEDs

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Ford Ranger 2016+ Black Grill inserts LEDs.

  • The Ford Ranger T7/T8 Side Grill LEDs are a set of auxiliary lights designed to be installed on the side grills of Ford Ranger models from the T7 and T8 generations. These LEDs serve as additional lighting to improve visibility and add a stylish touch to the vehicle's exterior.
  • Installation of the Ford Ranger T7/T8 Side Grill LEDs is generally straightforward and can be done using basic hand tools. The LEDs are usually designed to be a direct fit, meaning they can be easily installed into the pre-existing mounting points on the side grills. Some LED kits may include a wiring harness and switch for easy connection to the vehicle's electrical system.
  • Once installed, the side grill LEDs function as accent lights, providing a distinct and attractive appearance to the Ford Ranger's front end. They can be wired to turn on with the vehicle's headlights, daytime running lights (DRLs), or independently using a separate switch.
  • Overall, the Ford Ranger T7/T8 Side Grill LEDs offer both aesthetic and functional benefits to the vehicle. They not only enhance the visual appeal of the Ford Ranger but also provide additional lighting that can improve safety and visibility during nighttime and adverse weather conditions.
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