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Ford Everest headlight trim

Ford Everest headlight trim

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Ford Everest headlight trim 2016-2019.

  • The Ford Everest headlight trim is an exterior accessory designed to enhance the appearance of the vehicle's front headlights. It is specifically crafted to fit the contours of the Ford Everest model.
  • Typically made from high-quality ABS plastic, the headlight trim adds a stylish and refined touch to the front end of the vehicle.
  • The headlight trim is designed to be easily installed on the existing headlights without the need for any drilling or modification. Most headlight trims are designed as snap-on or adhesive attachments, ensuring a secure and reliable fit.
  • Apart from its aesthetic appeal, the headlight trim also provides some protection to the headlights by acting as a barrier against minor debris and road particles that could potentially damage the light housing.
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