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F32 to M4 front fenders

F32 to M4 front fenders

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4-Series F32 to M4 Front fenders 2 piece with 4 fender scoops conversion.

  • The F32 to M4 front fenders are premium aftermarket fenders designed to give your BMW F32 a more aggressive and sporty appearance inspired by the M4 model. These fenders are meticulously crafted to be a direct fit for the F32, ensuring a seamless installation without the need for extensive modifications.
  • Made from high-quality materials, the F32 to M4 front fenders offer durability and lightweight properties. The use of such materials helps reduce the overall weight of the vehicle, potentially contributing to improved handling and performance.
  • The M4-style design features wider and more pronounced fender arches compared to the stock F32 fenders. This wider stance gives the vehicle a more muscular and commanding presence on the road, enhancing its overall sporty look.
  • These aftermarket fenders are designed to integrate seamlessly with the existing body lines of the F32, providing a cohesive and factory-like appearance once installed. The precise fitment ensures that the fenders align perfectly with the doors and hood, creating a harmonious and unified front-end appearance.
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