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F30 latex 4-piece floor mats

F30 latex 4-piece floor mats

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3-Series F30 Latex 4-Piece rubber floor mats.

  • The F30 latex 4-piece floor mats are custom-fit, high-quality floor coverings designed specifically for BMW F30 models. Made from durable latex material, they offer exceptional strength, flexibility, and resistance to wear and tear. The set includes two front mats and two rear mats, providing full coverage and protection for the vehicle's floor area.
  • These floor mats are precisely designed to fit the F30's footwell, ensuring a perfect fit and maximum protection against dirt, mud, and spills. Their textured surface enhances grip, preventing the mats from slipping and sliding while driving, providing a safer and more comfortable experience for the driver and passengers.
  • The durable latex material ensures long-lasting protection for the vehicle's flooring, even with frequent use. Investing in these mats can help preserve the interior of the BMW F30 and contribute to its overall resale value.
  • Moreover, these floor mats complement the F30's interior, providing an OEM-like appearance that seamlessly integrates into the vehicle's design.
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