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F20 M4 style gloss black mirror covers

F20 M4 style gloss black mirror covers

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1-Series F20 gloss black mirror covers.

  • The F20 M4 style gloss black mirror covers are designed to give your BMW F20 a sleek and sporty appearance. These mirror covers are specifically crafted to resemble the M4 model, adding a touch of aggression and style to your vehicle.
  • Made from high-quality materials, the mirror covers are durable and built to last. The gloss black finish gives them a sophisticated and premium look, while also providing protection against scratches and fading.
  • Installation of the mirror covers is simple and hassle-free. They are designed to fit directly over the existing mirror housing of your F20, without the need for any modifications or special tools. The covers securely attach to the mirrors, ensuring a tight and secure fit.
  • With their M4-inspired design and gloss black finish, the mirror covers instantly transform the look of your F20. They add a touch of elegance and sportiness, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your vehicle.
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