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E90 LCI gloss black front splitters

E90 LCI gloss black front splitters

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3-Series E90 gloss black front splitters set.

  • The E90 LCI gloss black front splitters are stylish and aerodynamic accessories designed to enhance the front-end appearance of your BMW E90 LCI model. Made from high-quality materials, these front splitters are specifically designed to fit the contours of your vehicle's front bumper, adding a touch of sportiness and aggression to its overall look.
  • The gloss black finish of the front splitters complements the E90 LCI's design, giving it a more aggressive and dynamic stance. The sleek and low-profile design enhances the vehicle's aerodynamics, improving airflow and reducing aerodynamic drag. This can result in improved stability at higher speeds and potentially enhance fuel efficiency.
  • Installation of the front splitters is typically straightforward, as they attach securely to the existing mounting points on your E90 LCI's front bumper.
  • Not only do the E90 LCI gloss black front splitters enhance the visual appeal of your vehicle, but they also offer a functional benefit. By redirecting airflow around the front bumper, they can help improve downforce and enhance the vehicle's handling and stability during high-speed driving.
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