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Ford Ranger wheel spacer 30mm

Ford Ranger wheel spacer 30mm

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Ford ranger wheel spacer 30mm.

  • The Ford Ranger Wheel Spacer is a practical and popular aftermarket accessory designed to create extra space between the wheel hub and the vehicle's wheel. This specific wheel spacer has a thickness of 30mm, meaning it adds 30mm of width to the track of the vehicle.
  • Constructed from high-quality materials such as aluminum or steel, the wheel spacer is durable and can withstand the forces and stresses encountered during driving. It is precisely engineered to fit the Ford Ranger's wheel hub and the original wheels, ensuring a secure and proper fitment without compromising safety.
  • Another advantage of using a wheel spacer is the ability to accommodate larger aftermarket wheels or tires. With the increased clearance provided by the spacer, drivers can fit larger and wider wheels without the risk of rubbing against the vehicle's suspension components or inner fenders.
  • In summary, the Ford Ranger Wheel Spacer with a thickness of 30mm is a valuable aftermarket accessory that provides additional track width to the vehicle. With improved stability, enhanced handling, and the ability to accommodate larger wheels, the wheel spacer can enhance the driving experience and give the Ford Ranger a more aggressive and customized appearance.
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