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LED bar 80 CREE LEDs double row 240W 41,5inch 20800 Lumens

LED bar 80 CREE LEDs double row 240W 41,5inch 20800 Lumens

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LED bar 80 CREE LEDs double row 240W 41,5inch 20800 Lumens 6000K

  • The LED Bar with 80 CREE LEDs is a high-performance lighting solution designed to provide powerful illumination in various applications. This double-row LED bar boasts a remarkable 240W power output, ensuring exceptional brightness and coverage. With a length of 41.5 inches, it offers extensive light dispersion to enhance visibility, making it suitable for off-road vehicles, trucks, SUVs, and more.
  • Equipped with 80 advanced CREE LEDs, this LED bar delivers an impressive 20800 lumens of light output. The 6000K color temperature produces a crisp and clear white light that closely resembles daylight, optimizing visibility during nighttime or challenging weather conditions.
  • Installation is straightforward, typically involving secure mounting to the designated area using the provided brackets and hardware. The LED bar can be connected to a compatible power source, such as a vehicle's electrical system or a separate power supply, to activate its lighting capabilities.
  • Whether you're seeking enhanced visibility for off-road adventures, work purposes, or simply upgrading your vehicle's lighting, the LED Bar with 80 CREE LEDs offers exceptional performance and reliability. Its powerful output, durable design, and impressive luminosity make it an excellent choice for those who require reliable illumination in a variety of situations.
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